On this page you’ll find details about each event and workshop that will be part of the 2022 online Ukulele Jazz Festival, which kicks off at 10:30 AM EDT on Saturday, May 21st and concludes on Sunday, May 22nd with a faculty concert at 3:30 PM EDT. To see the schedule-at-a-glance, please visit the Schedule page. Workshops will use standard GCEA tuning, and you are welcome to use low or high G. Please note that the schedule is draft for now and subject to change.

Registration includes: all events & workshops, all download materials and high quality practice backing tracks, access to replays of all events for one month after the Festival, and one ticket to the private live stream faculty concert. LEVEL: Intermediate and up.


10:30 AM EDT

Welcome & warm ups

Diane Nalini will guide you through a gentle warm up to get you ready to play and sing.

10:45 AM EDT

Body and Soul part 1 – chords and variations

Learn one of the most beautiful and famous jazz ballads of all time. In this first part of two workshops, Diane will teach you to layer different textures and emotional intensity into your accompaniment

1:00 PM EDT

Armchair discussion with Benny Chong

Diane will interview ukulele jazz legend Benny Chong about his unique techniques and approaches to arranging jazz on ukulele.

2:30 PM EDT

Rhythms ‘n grooves

Adrian Cho and Diane Nalini will demonstrate the wonderful variety of grooves available to us on a medium tempo standard, including moving between latin and swing grooves, and switching between a 2-feel and walking feel.

3:15 PM EDT

Jazz jam

Join Diane Nalini & Adrian Cho for a lively jazz jam that will include the songs covered during the Festival workshops.

4:00 PM EDT

Social time

Grab a drink and nibbles and we’ll get together in SyncSpace to hangout and laugh together.  


11:00 AM EDT

Body and Soul part 2 – chord melody

Diane will teach her chord melody arrangement for “Body and Soul” with options for embellishments in part 2 of this exploration of this timeless jazz ballad.

1:00 PM EDT

Jazz blues

Already know your 12 bar blues and want to kick your learning up a notch? Well, this class is meant for you. Get your fingers (and mind) ready for a work out. Sarah Maisel will cover ‘Jazz Blues’ Progressions and WHY they are used, as well as the pentatonic scale. 

1:45 PM EDT

Intro to soloing and blues fills

Ever wonder how the pros do it? Craig Chee will show you the tricks to starting your solos, including on a blues. Whether it’s playing solo, or jamming with others, he will get you feeling confident about your skills. Utilizing drills and exercises that are fun and easy to practice, you’ll have a blast in this class. Get out of your strumming rut and start soloing! 

3:30 PM EDT

Faculty concert

Join Sarah, Craig, Adrian & Diane for a trans-continental, live streamed concert! Your ticket is included as part of the festival registration and you will receive a private stream link closer to the date. For those that aren’t registering for the festival but just wish to attend the concert, standalone tickets will be available for $10 CAD (~$8 USD).